Emma’s Law

What Is “Emma’s Law”?

DUI Defense AttorneyDriving while being intoxicated is nothing we condone, and the State of South Carolina is cracking down on the punishments for those found guilty of their DUI charges. Starting the first of October of last year, Emma’s Law went completely into effect around the State.

What Does Emma’s Law Do?

You can find the wording of the law HERE, but in short, you must pay to install an ignition interlock program into your vehicle, or any vehicle you may drive during the length of time the judge decides. You will also probably lose or have your license suspended. You must hand your license over to the DMV, too. And if you drive without your license, or violate the limited license order, the punishments that follow are extremely severe.

Ignition Interlock Program

This will physically prevent your car from starting, if the driver blows anything over a .02. The device will record and report your BAC when you blow into the breathalyzer.

What Else To Know?

Because of Emma’s Law, you need now, more than ever, to hire an experienced DUI Defense Attorney. You future, your freedom, your license, and your career are at risk. Call us today.

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